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A Blue Sky Vision of what the editorial process could be
A Blue Sky Vision of what the editorial process could be

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When I first joined the Sequence team in 2022, I had A LOT to say about the type of filmmaking tools I wanted to work on and what I thought the future of filmmaking ought to look like. Instead of trying to present those out to the team all corporate-ly through incremental presentations and studies and whatever it felt like the most impactful thing was to do what we want other people to do: communicate through video.

The following is a trimmed-down version of that blue-sky vision that we decided to publish publicly in order to share where our head is at and hold us accountable by putting our intentions out there for all to see.

The video essay was built on the basis of a list I’ve been maintaining for several years, which has generally looked more or less like so:

My dream video tool

if i could snap my fingers and magically create a brand new video production tool:

1. multiplatform
2. cloud-native, local friendly
3. content intelligence as a standard
4. full-stack production (edi-storial)
5. mix of generalist & specialist workflows
6. synchronous & asynchronous multiplayer
7. highly extensible + community-driven
8. sharing is caring
9. software that sparks joy
10. accessible for all
11. work at the speed-of-thought
12. no-bullshit brand identity
13. low floors, high ceilings

The blue sky vision video essay

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