Spatial Compositions in Columbus


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ughhhhhhhhhh it's SO PRETTY
ughhhhhhhhhh it's SO PRETTY

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the first time I saw this in theaters, I remember leaving having enjoyed the film and thinking something along the lines of “huh, columbus seems like a cool place to visit.” but nothing really stuck with me beyond that as far as I can remember

this time, the experience was completely different. I was absolutely captivated by every moment on screen, and found so much to relate to.

this is a story about yearning for something else, yet finding comfort in where we are; our duty to family, yet necessity to do what’s needed for ourselves; and above all, about the striking beauty of the mundane.

Koganada is clearly a master of craft. it’s rare to see a film these days where every shot is so perfectly considered, so painterly, something lifted right out of an architecture magazine (but with the addition of cinematic language that centers humans within the spaces they occupy.)

it’s often said that the purest form of cinema is how well a filmmaker can execute simply a conversation between two people, and that’s what this movie excels at. at the core, it’s really just sets of people having conversations in different spaces. and despite that, it’s one of the most captivating things I recall watching in recent years.

this film is like a warm hug, and one that I really needed.

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